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Advanced Navigation Course

Want to take your navigational skills to the next level? Looking to hone your skills to help in low visibility, or perhaps to navigate through featureless terrain? Our Advanced Navigation Course will help develop your skills to give you the confidence to move efficiently through the trickiest of terrains!

Key Course Information:

  • Using a variety of map scales

  • Interpretation of contours and their features

  • Use of the compass to cross featureless terrain or reach a target

  • Navigation tactics including hand railing and aiming off

  • Navigating in low visibility techniques

  • Efficient route choice and effective journeying

  • Relocation techniques

  • Effective journey planning to ground and weather conditions

  • Emergency kit and how to effect a rescue

Cost: £75 per person

Minimum of 2 people

Reductions available for bookings of more than 2 people, or multiple days

NB: Course can be provided for 1 person at a cost of £150 per day 

Venues: Dartmoor, Lake District, Snowdonia, Peak District 

Please contact us for available dates

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