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Sea Cliff Climbing

There is something very special about climbing on sea cliffs. The thrill of climbing on the edge of the world, with the waves crashing beneath you is something you will always remember. When climbing on sea cliffs it’s important to have a good understanding of tides / sea states and have the skills for getting yourself safely into, and out of, this often committing environment.

Key Course Information:

  • Understanding tides & sea states

  • How to rig an abseil

  • Safe self-protected abseiling

  • How to escape a route

  • Simple rescue skills

  • All safety equipment can be provided

  • Low ratio’s give you the most amount of time to learn

  • This course is for people that have some climbing experience and can already ‘tie in’ and belay

Cost: £90 per person

Minimum of 2 people

Reductions available for bookings of more than 2 people, or multiple days

NB: Course can be provided for 1 person at a cost of £180 per day 


Venues: Pembroke and Gower 

Please contact us for available dates

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