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Learn to Lead Climb Indoors

Been bouldering or bottom rope climbing indoors? or perhaps been doing laps on the auto-belays? If you want to take your climbing further and learn how to lead climb indoors, then our Learn to Lead Indoors course is perfect for you!

Our Learn to Lead Indoors course aims to teach you how to lead belay proficiently and safely, as well as how to clip into the quickdraw quickly and efficiently as you climb. We'll also focus on route climbing tactics and efficient movement. 

Key Course Information:

  • Safe and proficient lead belaying skills

  • Efficient climbing movement 

  • Route climbing tactics

  • Quick and efficient clipping of quickdraws

  • Course is aimed at climbers who have some climbing experience and are able to tie in and belay

  • All safety equipment is provided

Cost: £75 per person

Minimum of 2 people

Reductions available for bookings of more than 2 people, or multiple days

NB: Course can be provided for 1 person at a cost of £150 per day 


Venues: Sheffield, Caernarfon, Milton Keynes, Derby, Nottingham, Kendal.


For additional venues, please contact us directly 

Please contact us for available dates

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